Project aims

Trimedia is a project which aims to improve the learning experience of students by means of
audiovisuals. Three schools of Germany, Poland and Spain, which complement each other, have
been associated to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To create an audiovisual platform of communication among different schools to broadcast our projects.
  2. To learn the correct use of the technological material and the audiovisual language such as script,storyboard, sequence…
  3. To encourage cooperative work at school and among the students participating in the project.
  4. To produce audiovisual products related to the European cultures.
  5. To promote exchanges as an opportunity to know about the European multilingualism and using English as the language of communication which will develop the linguistic competences.
  6. Developing key competences including personal, social and learning skills.

To achieve them students are actively involved in the creation of the audiovisual materials such as:

  • the creation and selection of the project logo
  • the creation of content for an online TV platform
  • a cooperative projects on copyrights
  • schools’ TV news programmes which include cultural aspects of the country
  • making a film
  • recording videoclips
  • creating an online cooking book and recording a cooking videos

To do so, students mainly work in group, made of local students or by members of the three countries, and use digital tools which allow them to learn the audiovisual language and the programmes to edit video.