Germany (C2)

Monday 2nd May

After arriving to Germany on Sunday, Spanish and German friends visit Düsseldorf. In the morning, students go to the film museum of Düsseldorf where students invent and record 3 short films, two of them were crime and one terror.

In the afternoon, students have free time to visit the city.

a horror movie
Inspector Puig

Tuesday 3rd May

Students visit Hückelhoven school where students sing a song together called «Lorelei».


Wednesday 4th May

On Wednesday the group visit Hückelhoven town hall and the mayor explains some history of the city. Then it goes to the school too to play a game quiz based on Europe. For this, children are divided into 3 team: the Spanish, the German and our Polish friends, who participate online because they couldn’t travel to Germany.

Then everyone has lunch in a barbecue and spend some time in town.

Thurday 5th May

Students visit Alsdorf Energeticon Museum, which is a building which belongs to a coal mine. Therefore, students visit the mine and after it, they learn about energy and renewable energy in the museum.

Later on, they perform a workshop in which they create a windmill with recyclable elements.

Friday 6th May

Students visit Köln. First of all, the group enters the Cathedral, which is very beautiful, and climb the tower to see the skyline of the city.

Then, they visit a museum of Modern Art called Ludwig museum and after having lunch, students are gathered to hand certificates in and farewell.