Spain (C1)


Polish and German teachers and students arrive to school and a fantastic day to celebrate Saint George Day has been organized.

First of all, the headmistress, Pilar Tagua, receives our guests and a rose is given to each person.

Then, students are divided into groups of international students to perform some workshops:

  • a speed dating so that they know each other a little bit
  • a cultural workshop in which Spanish students have explained some cultural traditions and shown the building
  • games to have fun in which students have played taboo, scattergories, etc…

After the playground they have watched the Saint George Festival which collects all students’ tasks during the term. This project has also participated in this festival in the section «Trimedia film festival», in which a short of each school was shown.

When school was over, a paella was organised and guests were invited to have lunch.


Our German and Polish partners visit Barcelona: in the morning they visit the building Casa Milà from Antoni Gaudí and in the afternoon, a walk around the city centre and la Boqueria, a famous market of the city.


This day students go to school and they perform an audiovisual workshop in which students learn how to use some hints of the editing video programme Adobe Premier.


Students and teachers go to school where our Polish partners explain some cultural aspects of their country and teach a traditional Polish dance.

After the break, students perform a gymkhana throughout Pineda and stops are in emblematic spots of town.

Pineda de mar – gymcana digital poster


On Monday, students travel to Girona. In the morning, they go to the Museum of the Cinema where they make a guided tour through the musem and then they perform of of these two workshops: Interpreting Charlot and From 3D to virtual reality.

Interpreting Charlot (version 1)

Interpreting Charlot (version 2)

In the afternoon, Spanish teachers prepared a guided tour of the city and students took some artistic photos while they were walking.