Hauptschule Hückelhoven II


Our school: Secondary school „In der Schlee

Our school is located in Hückelhoven, a small town close to the bigger cities Düsseldorf, Köln (Cologne) and Aachen.

This term (2021/2022) we have 21 classes including one class for students coming from foreign countries, who need to learn German before attending regular classes. About 500 students from several different countries learn and work together. We offer integrative education. That means that students with special need can visit our school. There is a big variety of assistance, depending on the individual situation of the students.

Each class has its own classroom, where most subjects are taught. We also have rooms for particular subjects: chemistry, biology, physics, art, ITC, gym, wood and metal working room, music room, kitchen and another room where we teach textile design.

All in all there are working more than 70 persons in our school, like teachers, secretary, social workers, maintenance staff,…..

Our principal is Mrs Müller, the deputy is Mrs Schröders.

Students attend school from 8 am to 3 pm, on Fridays from 8 am to 12.30 pm. There is a one-hour break and you can get lunch at the canteen. Every day the meals are delivered by a catering company, so you always have to order your meal in advance.

We have some guidance counsellors who help students to find companies for practical training. They also support students in writing applications and CVs. The 9th graders have a three week period of work experience. In year 10 most students start another period of practical training and remain in the companies for one day a week throughout the last year at school. They go to regular classes 4 days a week.
A small group in year 10 prepare for another qualification which enables them to go to gymnasium (high school) after their final year at our school.