Institut Pineda de Mar

The school is located in a residential area of an urban town, which is about 50 km far from Barcelona and next to the sea. It offers state schooling to children attending CSE and post-obligatory studies and also extracurricular activities: English oral skills and English booster, volleyball and audiovisual communication.

Since its origin, the identity of the school has been linked to the integration of the ICT in the education practice as stated in the School Education Project (PEC). As a consequence, students have a laptop and are connected to the Internet to have access to digital books and platforms, work digitally and use digital tools like Google Drive in group work. It is a remarkable pedagogical trait, as there is no other school like it nearby. Another important characteristic is promoting the acquisition of the audiovisual competency by using, producing and broadcasting audiovisual products related to schools subjects.

A new project named Tutors among equals (TEI) is also implemented, in which older students counsel younger ones, to prevent bullying, harassment and conflicts at school.

The building was inaugurated in 2017 and it is highly equipped. Each classroom has PDI, a computer and WIFI antennas are all around providing Internet connection to students. There is also a science lab, a technology workshop, a library, a music class, an arts class, a gym and a canteen, where students and staff can buy their breakfast.

School presentation made by students
Students participating in the project