Students from Poland and Spain have created some videoclips.

Here you are the Polish videoclip which wished the organisation Merry Christmas in 2021 .

The Spanish ones have music copyright and cannot be uploaded on youtube so I’m sharing some information of them and clips showing what students have done.

To create these films, students have been working on different music styles (rock, pop, rap, reggaeton, etc) in music lessons and students have chosen the style they preferred, researched on it and looked for a group that represented their style and they liked. Then they created a ficticious music group and recorded a videoclip.

Here there are some of the results obtained: 

  • Insane Rage – Rock: Authors: Abril Casado, Berta Chico, Júlia Coll i Izan Giner.
  • Desconnexió – LoFi: Authors: Pablo Bermúdez, Nizar Choulli, Nil Mirón, Daniel Sánchez i Jan Saló.
  • Electric Dreams – Electrònica: Authors: Martina Font, Cristina García, Dúnia Gelabertó i Aisha Njie.
  • Mamut’s music – Reggaeton: Authors: Isak Fernández, Héctor Garrido i Arnau Rejano.